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March 2019

European Grand Prix
23 Mar
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European Grand Prix


The 24th edition of the European Grand Prix tournament on Belgian soil will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March 2019. For the first time the Belgian leg of the European Grand Prix is the season opening event.

As usual we are expecting a significant amount of players (30+) of all levels. There will be former World and European champions present, but also absolute beginners. 

This tournament counts for the Belgian Grand Prix 2019 and the Foreigners Grand Prix 2019. All results will also be transferred for the World Othello Rating List. This tournament is part of the qualification for the 2019 World Othello Championship in Hong Kong.

This tournament will be held in cooperation with numerous sponsors, which will have their moments of fame approaching and during the event. The venue changed and moved into the heart of the city centre

Lunches and drinks will be included in the entry fee, which will be lower than the previous years. Also we will have reductions for students, youth, lower leveled players and families.

Traditionally we offer a fine organisation and some activities throughout the weekend.

In 2015 we hosted 41 and in 2017 39 players. Both tournaments were won by Nicky van den Biggelaar from the Netherlands. He will be present to defend his title.


Since 1991 this tournament was held during the summer months. For the first it is moved to early spring. Until 2007 this event was organised in Brussels, since then Ghent is the host city. 

Graham Brightwell won this tournament four times, while Emmanuel Caspard, Stéphane Nicolet and Nicky van den Biggelaar have won it three times. The latter can become the first player to win it three consecutive times. There has been one Belgian winner: Tom Schotte won the 2009 edition of this tournament.

More information on the history of this event can found here.

Location and mobility


Casa Rosa
Kammerstraat 22
9000 Gent

2nd floor


Routing (car)

The nearest underground parking is "Vrijdagmarkt". You can follow the parking route of the inner ring to reach this underground parking. It is about 100 m from the venue.

Routing (public transport)

Trip to Ghent: Inside Ghent:



More than 60 different hotels are available in Gent

Prize reference: From 45€ per night for 1 person

From 55€ per night for 2 persons

Contact and booking:


Bed & Breakfast

More than 160 beds in several in bed & breakfasts are available in Ghent

Prize reference: From 55€ per night

Contact and booking:



10 different hostels are available in Ghent

Prize reference:

From 10€ per night

Contact and booking:


Schedule and activities


Saturday Sunday


European Grand Prix final European Grand Prix play-off


There are meeting possibilities on Friday.
We'll look out for a restaurant on Saturday
Plenty of things to do in the city centre


At the end of the tournament there are numurous prizes in all possibile categories.

The winner will be receive a cash prize of 200€.

Several trophies can be won: The organisation will foresee in several other prizes:

Subscribe and subscriptions


Currently 21 players have subscribed from 5 different countries
Name Country Status Rating
Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD E 2224
Marc Tastet FRA E 2083
Tom Schotte BEL E 2029
Albert Kortendijk NLD E 2000
Patrick Aubroeck NLD E 1955
Jan de Graaf NLD E 1921
Roel Hobo NLD E 1914
Linda Praseptyo NLD A 1762
Nick Reunes BEL A 1748
Benkt Steentoft SWE A 1740
Frédéric Nicholls BEL A 1600
Luigi Puzzo ITA E 1579
Anja van Gimst NLD A/F 1460
Akke-lien de Boer BEL A/F 1449
Mireille Blijleven NLD A/F 1393
Wendy de Graaf NLD B/F/J 1296
Ruud van Gimst NLD A 1282
Jasmijn de Graaf NLD B/F/J 1090
Bart Verstuyft BEL P 792
Eline Verstuyft BEL P/F/J 600
Jana Verstuyft BEL P/F/J 592
E = Elite (Top 4 European Grand Prix tournament)
A = Advanced
B = Beginner (Rated above 1000)
P = Promising player (Rated below 1000)
F = Woman
N = New (without rating)
J = Junior (Born 2005 or later)


The subscription fee is 30€. This fee is valid for:
The subscription fee for promising players (rating below 1000) will be 15€. This fee is valid for: The subscription fee for junior players (born 2005 or later) will be 10€. This fee is valid for: Family reduction: only the two most expensive family members have to pay.

For players who want to participate the tournament for only one day: please contact the organisation in advance. Also for partners, family and fans it is recommended to contact the organisation so that a proper estimation can be made.

How to subscribe

We appreciate a subscription well in advance for the following reasons:

Subscribing can be done in several ways: