Agenda datum
November 2022

Belgian Championship
27 Nov
Agenda datum
Belgian Championship
Tomoki Otaka (JPN) Tomoki Otaka (JPN)



The 39th Belgian Othello Championship will be held on Sunday November 27th 2022. More information can be found in the sections below. Questions and remarks can be sent to the organisation.

We're hoping to welcome many players!

In 2021 it went as this:


We would appreciate upfront subscriptions. In this way we are sure to foresee a sufficient number of boards and clocks. Of course it remains possible to show up unexpectedly. There are several ways to subscribe:

Currently 25 players have officially subscribed.
Name Country Status Rating
Tomoki Otaka JPN A 2050
Tom Schotte BEL A 2009
Dispong Kiatnarongrop THA A 1964
Nick Reunes BEL A 1842
Ralph Reijnders (resident) NLD A 1730
Mark Dufour NLD A 1689
Daniel Dufour NLD A/J 1631
Brecht Van Damme BEL A 1574
Frauke Van de Moortel BEL A/F 1421
Nancy Darck BEL A/F 1418
Nadja De Moor BEL A/F 1212
Mieke Hooghe BEL P/F 896
Daphne Demoor BEL P 883
Bart Verstuyft BEL P 834
Hiafang Ni NLD P/F 762
Eline Verstuyft BEL P/J/F 750
Jan Verstuyft BEL P/J/F 731
Dimitri Burnay BEL P 562
Karen Van Landeghem BEL P/F 535
Noa Dufour NLD P/F/J 498
Wout Schotte BEL P/J 236
Romain Volvert BEL P 233
Sander Schotte BEL P/J 168
Yara Demoor BEL P/J/F 39
Myrthe Demoor BEL P/J/F -46
Status*: A = Advanced, B = Beginner , P = Promising player, F = Female, J = Junior, N = New (no rating)
(*) not sure yet


Basisschool De Oogappel
Bisdomkaai 1
9000 Ghent

Ondergrondse Parking "Reep"
Seminariestraat 9
9000 Gent

Nearest station: Gent-Dampoort: ~500m


7 Swiss rounds (everyone faces opponent with the same amount of wins - as much as possible). The clocks will be set to 20 minutes for every player. A final will be played between the best 2 Belgians to determine the 39th Belgian Othello Champion. A final will determine the Belgian Othello Junior Champion 2022.


Entry fee







At the end of the tournament a number of prizes in separate categories will be awarded.