2nd ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open attracts 12 players

2nd ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open attracts 12 players 9 March 2018

For the second time the Belgian Othello Association gathered at game shop ReuzeSpelPlezier in Zottegem for an evening tournament. Last time, in September 2017, six players were present. This time, the tournament started off with 9 players, of which 2 advanced (Tom & Nick). The seven other players consisted out of the Verstuyft family (Jana, Eline, Mieke and Bart), Annie (mother of Tom), Sofie (partner of Nick) and Ruben (shop owner). During the tournament tough, three more newbies joined the tournament (Niki, Benjamin and Eddy), which meant that as of round 3 twelve players competed.

Tom won the advanced battle against Nick (27-37) and claimed tournament victory. In the 'promising' section, no less than three players finished on three points (out of five games). Bart gathered two discs more than Mieke and completed as such the podium. Jana finished 9th and best junior, while Niki won 2 of her three games and finished 8th. Ruben, shop owner and citizen of Zottegem, elongated his title "Champion of Zottegem" until the next gathering later this year.