Nicky van den Biggelaar wins Ghent European Grand Prix

Nicky van den Biggelaar wins Ghent European Grand Prix 2 August 2015

An exciting record edition of the European Grand Prix Othello was won by Nicky van den Biggelaar (The Netherlands). He managed to defeat Jeroen Everts (The Netherlands / Sweden) in the final with 2-0. Jeroen Everts played the tournament of his life and started furious with 9/9. Two losses in round 10 and 11 did not bother him to move into his first ever EGP final. Also Nicky van den Biggelaar and youngster Arthur Juigner (France / Switzerland) finished the tournament with 9 wins, but Arthur Juigner did not gather enough disks troughout the tournament. He had to play Niklas Wettergren (Sweden) in the play-off and won this game narrowly (34-30). We can note that Nicky van den Biggelaar scored top 3 in the last 12 European Grand Prix tournaments he participated and won 6 of them. Impressing!

Best Belgian player (for the 11th time in a row) was Tom Schotte who played a quality first day with 6 wins and 1 loss. He could not keep this position on day 2 though and fell back to a 5th position with several other players (Imre Leader, Takuji Kashiwabara, Francesco Marconi, Albert Kortendijk and Arnaud Delaunay). Marcel Peperkamp made another come-back and was placed 2nd Belgian with 6 wins and 5 losses. Also Dimitri Vaes had 6 wins.