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May 2019

Belgian Championship
19 May
Agenda datum
Belgian Championship
Tom Schotte Tom Schotte



The 36th Belgian Othello Championship will be held on Sunday May 19th 2019 in Ekeren near Antwerp. There will be two tournaments: an A-event for advanced players and a 'promising tournament' for new and lower rated player. More information can be found in the sections below. Questions and remarks can be sent to the organisation. This tournament is part of the Belgian Grand Prix 2019 and the Foreigners Grand Prix 2019. At the end of this tournament, the winners of both Grand Prix will be known. Also the players qualified for the 43rd World Othello Championship will be known. This tournament will be held in Hong Kong (October/November 2019)

We're hoping to welcome many players!

In 2018 it went as this:


We would appreciate upfront subscriptions. In this way we are sure to foresee a sufficient number of boards and clocks. Of course it remains possible to show up unexpectedly. There are several ways to subscribe:

Currently 3 players have officially subscribed.
Name Country Status Rating
Tom Schotte BEL A 2039
Bernard Nélis BEL A 1545
Jan Van Damme BEL B 1218
Status*: A = Advanced, B = Beginner , P = Promising player, F = Female, N = New (no rating)

Currently 3 players have officially subscribed for the promising tournament
Name Country Status Rating
Wout Schotte BEL P/J 212
Sander Schotte BEL P/J 83
Renzo Rubele ITA N -

Seeded players semi-final Junior Championship
Name Country Status Rating
Eline Verstuyft BEL B/V/J 529
Jana Verstuyft BEL B/V/J 524


Muziekacademie Ekeren
Ferdinand Pauwelsstraat 102
2180 Ekeren


Parking on the terrain of the Muziekacademie


7 Swiss rounds (everyone faces opponent with the same amount of wins - as much as possible). The clocks will be set to 20 minutes for every player. A final will be played between the best 2 Belgians to determine the 36th Belgian Othello Champion.

Promising tournament

The promising tournamen traditionally is being held in the morning. Depending on the number of players, between 4 and 6 rounds are played. Minimal 5 and maximum 6 games are planned. Afterwards the promising players can join the A event. The time on the clocks is 15 minutes per player per game. A semi final will be played between the best 2 Belgian junior players and the 2 seesed players (Eline and Jana Verstuyft). A final will determine the Belgian Othello Junior Champion 2019.

Entry fee



There is at least one car leaving from Ghent. Contact us for more information. Do not hesitate to post something on the Facebook event page as there will also be at least one car coming from the Netherlands.


Please check the hotel websites in the neighbourhood of Antwerp for accomodation.


At the end of the tournament a number of prizes in separate categories will be awarded.