Tom Schotte wins 1st ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open

30 September 2017

The first tournament of the 2017-2018 season was hosted by a game shop in Zottegem. The "ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open" was a friendly event and hosted six players. Four of them played their first tournament. The competition was held in the evening and turned out to be a successful experiment. Welcoming new players is always a success!

The two advanced players, Tom Schotte and Nick Reunes fought a battle for the first place. Tom Schotte won with 20-44 and claimed the tournament victory. The four debutants also tried their very best and learned a lot during the evening. Bjorn Van Der Auwera, the only player with some online experience, got third with clear results against the newbies (55-9, 53-11 and 4-60).