Tom Schotte wins XOT tournament

Tom Schotte wins XOT tournament 25 November 2017

The annual XOT tournament has become a tradition within the Belgian Othello season. And again it was organised at a snooker venue. This time the Belgian Othello Association gathered at the Pomerans Snooker Lounge Bar in Lochristi, not so far from Ghent.

The tournament started off peacefully, but tension arose at the end. The tournament favorites, Tom Schotte and Jan de Graaf had met in round 3 and was won by Jan de Graaf (31-33). Jan de Graaf remained undefeated until the very last round, but had then to play Mireille Blijleven and lost (27-37). This meant that both Tom Schotte and Jan de Graaf ended up with 5 points, but the Belgian champion has an inferiour tie-break of only 5 discs. Very remarquable was the fourth place of Wendy de Graaf, who managed to defeat Frauke Van de Moortel (31-33) along the way.