4th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open attracts 10 enthousiast

4th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open attracts 10 enthousiast 8 June 2019

Our federation gathered for the fourth time at game store ReuzeSpelPlezier in Zottegem for an evening session of Othello. There were some late comers, so the tournament started off with four players. In this round Italian upcoming superstar Carlo Affatigato defeated for the first time a Belgian advanced player. Nick Reunes was his victim. In round two, meanwhile with eight players, he could not continue his effort and lost to Tom Schotte. The latter managed to also defeat Nick Reunes one round later and ended the tournament undefeated. Also in the third round Steven joined, a new local player. Despite an early defeat he claimed his first victory one round later against fresh Belgian youth champion Eline Verstuyft. Meanwhile, local organiser Ruben Soetens stayed below the radar and won three games along the way. One of them against newcomer Sam, who joined in the very last round. With this final effort, Ruben Soetens prolounges his title of best player of Zottegem for at least a couple of month.

The 5th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open will be held somewhere in September 2019. The date will be announced later.