Agenda datum
June 2019

4th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open
8 Jun
Agenda datum
4th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open
Tom Schotte Tom Schotte



Saturday evening June 8th 2019 the 4th ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello Open will be held:
Further informations and an overview of the subscriptions can be found in the underneath sections. Remarks and questions can be directed to us at anytime.

We hope to welcoming many players!

In 2018 the third ReuzeSpelPlezier Othello was held:


We would appreciate upfront subscriptions. In this way we are sure to foresee a sufficient number of boards, clocks, drinks and food. However it remains possible to show up unexpectedly. There are several ways to subscribe:

Currently 10 players have subscribed.
Name Country Status Rating
Tom Schotte BEL A 2039
Nick Reunes BEL A 1752
Carlo Affatigato ITA B 1308
Bart Verstuyft BEL P 657
Mieke Hooghe BEL P/F 636
Ruben Soetens BEL P 583
Eline Verstuyft BEL P/F/J 576
Silke Porrez BEL P/F 120
Steven Bousard BEL N -
Sam De Moor BEL N -
Status*: A = Advanced, B = Beginner , P = Promising player, F = Female, N = New (without rating)


Stationsstraat 32
9620 Zottegem

Pairing system

5 rounds Swiss paring (every one plays as much as possible against opponents with the same number of wins). The clocks will be set to 15 minutes per person per game.

Entry fee



For players outside Zottegem, feel free to post a message on Facebook for carpooling.


Please contact Tom if accomodations would be required.


We will foresee a prize for the winner. If in any of the other categories (women, junior, beginners, promising player, new) a sufficient amount of players attends, we'll foresee a prize as well.