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May 2024

European Championship
11 May
Agenda datum
European Championship



The 3rd edition of the European Championship will take place in the weekend fo 11-12 May 2024.

As usual we are expecting a significant amount of players (50+) of all levels. There will be former World and European champions present, but also absolute beginners. 

This tournament counts for the Belgian Grand Prix 2024 and the Junior Grand Prix 2024. All results will also be transferred for the World Othello Rating List. This tournament is part of the qualification for the 2024 World Othello Championship in China.

This tournament will be held in cooperation with numerous sponsors, which will have their moments of fame approaching and during the event. The venue changed and moved into the heart of the city centre.

Traditionally we offer a fine organisation and some activities throughout the weekend.

All info at www.eoc.worldothello.org

Location and mobility


Hoogstraat 30
9700 Oudenaarde