European Grand Prix

The European Grand Prix (EGP) is a competition which consists out of a number of major European Othello tournaments. At every tournament players can earn points. Who manages to get the highest number of points in one season becomes the European Champion.

The European Grand Prix was founded in 1986 and consisted out of four tournaments: Milan, Cambridge, Copenhagen and Paris. In 1991 Brussels came along so that five tournament took place every season. In the 21st century Amsterdam (2001), Stockholm (2003), Gdansk (2005), Barcelone (2006), Prague (2007), Berlin (2008), Moss (2009), Athens (2013) and Moskou (2014) were added. In 2017 for the first time a tournament will be held in Finland.

Until 2009 tournaments were hosted in all cities. In that year no less than 12 tournaments were organised. The pressure on the international calendar became to high and there was decided to create a cycle of 2 years. Both in 2010 and 2011 tournaments were organised in six cities. In both years a European Champion was crowned. The system was found satisfying and continued in 2012. Again six tournament took place in that year. As Greece, Russia and Finland joined the series, every year now consists out of 7 or 8 tournaments.

The European Grand Prix of Belgium has the following list of honour:
(Until 2007 the tournament was organised in Brussels, since 2008 the competition has moved to Ghent)

  winner country runner-up country third country
1991 Imre Leader GBR Emmanuel Caspard FRA David Shaman USA
1992 Dominique Penloup FRA David Shaman USA Imre Leader GBR
1993 Imre Leader GBR Marc Tastet FRA David Shaman USA
1994 Graham Brightwell GBR Nils Berner SWE Didier Piau FRA
1995 Graham Brightwell GBR Emmanuel Caspard FRA Dominique Penloup FRA
1996 Marc Tastet FRA Graham Brightwell GBR Dominique Penloup FRA
1997 Graham Brightwell GBR David Shaman USA Karsten Feldborg DNK
1998 Emmanuel Caspard FRA Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Dominique Penloup FRA
1999 Stéphane Nicolet FRA Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Emmanuel Caspard FRA
2000 Stéphane Nicolet FRA Emmanuel Caspard FRA Romy Hidayat IDN
2001 Emmanuel Caspard FRA Stéphane Nicolet FRA Andreas Hoehne DEU
2002 Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Albert Kortendijk NLD Matthias Berg DEU
2003 Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Emmanuel Caspard FRA Arnaud Delaunay FRA
2004 Emmanuel Caspard FRA Andreas Hoehne DEU Marc Tastet FRA
2005 Graham Brightwell GBR Frédéric Auzende FRA Daisuke Tsuchida JAP
2006 Albert Kortendijk NLD Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD
2007 Pawel Peczkowski POL Vladislav Dolezal CZE Arnaud Delaunay FRA
2008 Michele Borassi ITA Sébastien Barre FRA Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD
2009 Tom Schotte BEL Matthias Berg DEU Takuji Kashiwabara FRA
2011 Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Marc Tastet FRA
2013 Katie Wu HKG Martin Odegard NOR Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD
2015 Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD Jeroen Everts SWE Arthur Juigner FRA
2017 Nicky van den Biggelaar NLD Imre Leader GBR Matthias Berg DEU
2019 Takuji Kashiwabara FRA Roel Hobo NLD Nicky vand en Biggelaar NLD

Belgian players

Also Belgian players were represented throughout the years in stages of the European Grand Prix. They not only participated these stages in Belgium, but travelled through Europe to represent Belgium.

Only two Belgians managed to win a tournament of the European Grand Prix. Alexandre Cordy won in Turin (2000) and Cambridge (2001), whilst Tom Schotte celebrated in Ghent (2009), Prague (2009), Cambridge (2016) and Moscow (2018). These performances led both players to the title of vice European Champion. Alexandre Cordy in 2001 and Tom Schotte in 2009 and 2016.