Othello in Belgium

The Belgian Othello Association in an active mind sports organisation that has been engaged for several years to promote Othello. This mind sports has the motto "A minute to learn, lifetime to master". We have been promoting our game by organising tournaments that we try to make accessible for all levels of play. We have been trying to popularise Othello by being present on several social media. If we get the opportunity, we do not hesitate to visit conventions to show Othello to a wider public.

In Belgian we have about 80 active players. There are 7 tournamenst a year, spread across Belgium. Generally there is one tournament in the French part of Belgium, the other tournament are in Flandres (e.g. Ghent, Antwerp, Zonhoven). We are organising at least one tournament a year especially for less experienced and new players. Every two year we have the opportunity to organise a major European tournament of which the last 7 were organised in Ghent.

There are currently no active clubs in Belgium. Everything is organised centrally. Of course it is possible to meet and play outside tournaments, but this is not happening systematically.

Every year a Belgian Championship is organised. 2021 was be the 38th edition. Via this Belgian Championship and the Belgian Grand Prix players can qualify for the World Othello Championship. In 2017 Belgium hosted the World Othello Championship for the third time (after editions in 1981 and 2009). In 2020 and 2021 no World Othello Championship was organized.

The federation is selling orginal Japanese boards in our web shop.

There is an extended photo archive. Aside of that we are publishing a monthly newsletter in Dutch, but other languages could be added in the future.

Feel free to visit our  Facebook page. We are also active on Twitter.