Tom Schotte wins 4th Ursel Othello Open

Tom Schotte wins 4th Ursel Othello Open 14 January 2023

19 players gathered in Ursel for the 4th edition of the Ursel Othello Open. As usual there were two events: one main event for the avanced players and a promising event for new and promising players.

In the main event with 6 players a double round-robin was held: every played each other twice. After five rounds only Ralph Reijnders was still undefeated. Tom Schotte had four wins and Nick Reunes 3. In the second part of the tournament, Tom Schotte managed to turn the tide with 5 consecutive wins, while Ralph Reijnders not only lost to Tom, but also to Nick Reunes.

In the promising event the rounds started with 10 players. During the tournament - as usual in Ursel - some players left and others joined. In total 13 players competed in the event. Eline Verstuyft and Bart Verstuyft ended with 6/7 and Eline had a slightly better tie-break. Dimitri Burnay had 5 points and ended 3rd. Wout Schotte was best junior with 4 points and takes the lead in the Junior Grand Prix.