Daniel Dufour wins Antwerp Othello Open

Daniel Dufour wins Antwerp Othello Open 28 May 2023

15 players gathered in Ekeren nearby Antwerp for the 13th edition of the Antwerp Othello Open. As usual there were two events: one main event for the avanced players and a promising event for new and promising players.

In the main event with 9 players seven round were player: Jan Van Damme topped the rankings after three round (joined with youngster Daniel Dufour), but eventually only finished eighth. In four rounds a lot can happen! The only certainty was the strength of Daniel Dufour, who remained undefeated. Nick Reunes and Mark Dufour claimed five wins, with Nick Reuns having the better tie-break.

In the promising event the tournament started with 6 players, of which two residents (Qizheng and Qinyi Zhang). Both finished on 4 points (out of 7) and claimed places three and four. Runner-up was Noa Dufour with 5.5/7 points. But winner of the day was Dimitri Burnay who has won his first promising tournament, only dropping one point along the way.