Ralph Reijnders wins Marche-en-Famenne Othello Open

Ralph Reijnders wins Marche-en-Famenne Othello Open 8 July 2023

Ralph Reijnders secured his second Belgian tournament victory in Nassogne (nearby Marche-en-Famenne). Hosted by Nancy et Dimitri, a cosy forest hut accommodated 16 players for 7 games. Sitting outside, the leafs of the trees protected us against +30° temperatures. In this setting, no one was able to defeat Ralph. Only Wouter Thijs came close, missing a win at move 56 with both players having less than 20 seconds on the clock. Runner-up Tom Schotte and third place Brecht Van Damme completed the podium. Ralph is taking the lead in the Belgian Grand Prix and is the first player sure of qualification for the World Championship in November.
Nancy Darck became best woman with 4/7, becoming the leading lady in the Belgian Grand Prix with one tournament to go. Wout Schotte became best junior and best promising player, also with 4/7, even ahead of two advanced players in the rankings. He is also taking an option to win the Junior Grand Prix and qualification for the World Championship.