Junior Grand Prix 2024

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2024 has the following counting tournaments:

Ursel (January)
Easter tournament Oudenaarde (April)
European Championship Oudenaarde (May)
Marche-en-Famenne (July)
XXX (September)
BC XXX (November)

This year the Belgian Othello Association is organising five or six Grand Prix tournaments. Based on these tournaments the Association appoints the winner of the Junior Grand Prix, who will represent Belgium as a junior player at the World Othello Championship.

According to the final result of every tournament belgian junior players and residents receive points (5 - 3- 2 - 1 - 1 - ...). All tournaments coun equally. If two players share the same number of points, the worst score will be dropped. The highest World Othello Rating could be the tiebreaker.
  • If a foreign player becomes allowed to play for Belgium during the season, then the points will be recalculated. (a foreign player has to live in Belgium when the WOC is player and should at least live 6 months in Belgium since the last WOC).
  • If a resident player is not allowed to play for Belgium any more, then the points are NOT recalculated, the player still could win a cup in the JGP, but cannot qualify any more for the Belgian team.
    Other tournaments
5-3-2-1-1 pts / tournament
Best 4 (of 6) count
1  Wout Schotte 5           5
2  Jana Verstuyft 3           3
3  Sacha Burnay 2           2
4  Sander Schotte 1           1
   Stan Roos 1           1